AAHA Double Standard & Lack of Accountability for Declawing

AAHA Double Standard & Lack of Accountability for Declawing


Last year AAHA came out with new declawing position statement, “The American Animal Hospital Association strongly opposes the declawing of domestic cats and supports veterinarians’ efforts to educate cat owners and provide them with effective alternatives.”




AAHA vets continue to put out coupons for declaws, make YouTube videos promoting their laser declaws for 3 month or 3 lb kittens, advertise declaws on their facebook pages to help save furniture, talk cat owners OUT of the humane alternatives, and deceive cat owners to believe that declawing is ok to do to their cats. I’ve even found an AAHA hospital that requires cat owners to get the $35 pain meds for their 4 paw declaws but NOT for their 2 paw declaws.

3 Kitties Collage1Teeger , Abby, and Ryder were declawed at an AAHA Hospital.  They have had most of their paws amputated due to horrific complications from their declaw procedures. The AAHA hospital owner veterinarian and AVMA vet that declawed him and his siblings, talked the first time cat owners OUT of using SOFTPaws and said that declawing is a, “standard and common procedure” and that their cats would be fine.


The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) makes it MANDATORY for their hospitals to NOT perform non-anesthesia dental cleanings, yet they won’t do the same about declawing even though they are opposed to declawing.

AAHA says that non-anesthesia dental cleanings are,  “stressful to pets and can be potentially dangerous.”  

Declawing is very dangerous, stressful, disabling, unnecessary, and an inhumane procedure that ALSO should NOT be performed at their practices.

Non-anesthesia dental cleanings are NOT a lucrative veterinary procedure but anesthesia dental cleanings are very common and veterinarian$ can make a lot of money from them. 

Declawing is a lucrative procedure for many veterinarian$ including for many vets at AAHA hospitals.


The vet at this AAHA hospital made $40.75 for each toe bone and claw that was amputated in this declaw procedure.












Most AAHA hospitals declaw cats and most do NOT follow the AAHA declawing position.

Below are many of these examples that you are sending me of AAHA hospitals that are not following AAHA position statement standards when it comes to declawing. 

BORDERHere’s another AAHA hospital with a 37 yr member AVMA vet whose practice tells first time cat owners that their laser way of declawing isn’t inhumane. They charge around $800-$1000 but want you to know that it is different than how the other vets do it who just cut them out. They say there are no negatives consequences to declawing if it’s done properly. They want you to know that there are a lot of clinics that don’t do laser declawing and Dr Anderson “does declaws all the time”  and has been “practicing for over 30 years.” They say your cats are, “back to normal about a week later.”   When you ask about the horror stories about how bad declawing is they say, “those are people that are not having it properly done or most of the time it’s not laser declawing it’s the original declawing.”

AAHA Memorial

Here is a VCA , AAHA, Cat Friendly AAFP hospital with a 16 yr member AVMA veterinarian who is advertising her declaws to protect furniture.


AAHAandAAFP HeartlandPC

Here is their laser declaw promotional video Heartland Animal Hospital PC, Bartlett, Illinois Declaw video  Declaw Promotional Video of 3 month old kittens on all four paws at this AAHA hospital

These screenshots are from Newton Veterinary Hospital, an AAHA hospital in NJ/NY, with long standing AVMA member veterinarians, want to deceive cat owners to believe that amputating a kitten’s toe bones and claws is going to improve it’s quality of life and this mutilating procedure is important for the kitten’s preventative care. This AAHA practice mission statement says it is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for the long-term health of your pet and they say their preventive care plan enables them to do so.

Just to check, I had my Feline research team call them, and they also 4 paw declaw your cat. No questions asked or counseling on the humane alternatives.
When asked if declawing is bad, they say declawing with their $45,000 laser,  “promotes faster healing” and “after a couple weeks of healing they will be perfectly fine.”

Screenshot from NewtonVet.com



Screenshot from NewtonVet.com






Here is another AAHA practice in the Midwest. 

“Would you like the front paws or all four paws?”, the person on the phone asked when inquiring about prices for getting a cat declawed at this AAHA practice.
This hospital has the largest professional staff in the Midwest, with 17 veterinarians, most are AVMA members and some AAFP members. They have been serving this community for 50 yrs. Their motto is that they are “Caring for your best friend.”

When you call them to inquire about getting your cat declawed, they ask you if you want the front paw$ or all four paw$.  No efforts to educate the client on the effective humane alternatives on the website or on the phone.  They say you can bring your kitty in anytime and they will require a $60 exam to see if the cat is “healthy enough to have this surgery” and for $359.50 you can have your kitty declawed on all four paws.

Screenshot from their website- Dundee Animal Hospital






Here is another one in Indianapolis-

When you call this AAHA/AAFP/Cat Friendly practice to see how much it would cost to have your 5 yr old cat declawed on all four paws, the receptionist didn’t ask if the humane alternatives have been tried and simply gave the price of $480 plus a $70 exam for the 4 paw declaw. When you ask if there are any problems with doing this and the person said, “every cat is different and some may have paws that are more sensitive but that they always heal up with no problems.” 

Here’s the note I received from a concerned person about this clinic…
“I was in the process of finding a vet in the Indianapolis area because I recently moved here. During the course of my search, I was disgusted to find an AAHA/AAFP, “Cat Friendly” feline-only vet clinic in Indianapolis who is not only pro-declaw, but advertises a discount on their website for performing the procedure in combination with spay/neuter, and also barely even touches on alternatives to declawing.
I realize this is somewhat common in mixed-animal practices, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it in a feline-only practice. This AAHA practice also makes it a point to say they are one of just 12% of hospitals that are AAHA-accredited, but their policies are in direct contradiction to the AAHA and AAFP stance on declawing.
Is there anything I can/should do? I’m normally not the type of person to set out to complain or anything like that.  I’m worried people who are not educated on declawing will take their cats there and assume the vet is trustworthy and knows so much about cats due to having a feline-only practice, and will declaw their cats, all the while not knowing any better. Its just really bothering me.

Luckily, I found Dr. Nicole Moran at the CAt Care Clinic, through the Paw Project fb page, and will be taking my two cats to her”


Here is the description on this website on how this 30 yr member vet of the AVMA, AAHA hospital, and AAFP vet does her declaws-





Here is a note I received about this AAHA practice in the NorthWest-

”I worked at _________ , an AAHA accredited practice for many years, an accreditation my former boss takes much pride in. But he won’t stop declawing as it brings in a lot of money. If “NO declawing” was part of this process, he’d have to stop to keep the AAHA accreditation and keeping it is a VERY big deal to him. My former boss prides himself on being “cutting edge” and on the front lines of the “best”. At this practice, they made lots of talk about how the laser was “better” than the other “old” methods. He doesn’t declaw his client’s cats on all four paws but he declawed his own cats in on all four paws.”

Screenshot from the website of this AAHA practice.

AAHA northwest


No words are necessary for this Cats only AAHA practice.   AAHA, AVMA, and AAFP all say declawing is amputations but this practice wants to deceive their cat clients to believe that declawing is just removing the toenails. And they advise clients to do a tendonectomy on their older and heavier cats and that it is “less traumatic.”




Here is another AAHA practice that had a coupon for 2 or 4 paw declaws-

Just to make check, my mom called them to get a 3 yr old cat declawed and the receptionist asked, “Do you want to do all four or just the front two?”
She asked if there are any negative consequences and asked about how they perform the declaws.
The receptionist said, “ Basically with a laser they heal up quicker and it’s less painful and within a week they will be healed.” And it will be $475. 55 for all four paw$.

So the next day, my mom tried to go about this in a private way to just have an educational dialogue, and wanted to see if this practice knew about AAHA’s revised policy on declawing and that it was a stronger stance against it.
She told this manager that she was my mom and why she was respectfully reaching out.
The manager said that they were just recently re-certified and that, “AAHA and AAFP went over their website, researched protocols, and toured their practice.” This manager told my mom in a condescending way, “ You’re not in a place to say if we counsel clients with the humane alternatives and I’m going to end this conversation now.”
And she hung up on her.




Here is a popular South Carolina Animal Hospital’s “About” page that has 3 clinics.  All three of them declaw kitties and are AAFP “Cat Friendly” practices, and two of them are AAHA accredited and this one even was top 3 finalist for the AAHA practice of the year award. Cleveland Clinic  
Upon further research, my FBI team (Feline Bureau of Investigation) made many phone calls to this hospital as a new client and asked about getting a cat declawed. This specific clinic asked if you want 2 paw or 4 paws.

When you ask them if a 4 paw declaw was bad for a cat, the response was, “As with any declaw the cat is required to stay overnight.”
The price for their non-laser, 4 paw declaw was $430 to $650 depending on the vet that you pick, since they all use different anesthesia and pain meds one person was told.
When asked is the cat going to be hurt or harmed from this procedure., the answer was, “We are excellent at declaws. We probably do more declaws more frequently and more volume than any other clinic.” In all of the phone calls, there was no mention of coming in for counseling on the alternatives to this mutilating procedure.

This is also the practice where Dr Andy Roark works and even though Dr Roark says he is against declawing, 5 different staff members at this hospital told a cat owner on the phone that they could make an appointment with him to declaw their cat. Dr Roark told my my mom in an email that they must have made a mistake since he has stopped declawing and is against it.


Here’s another AAHA hospital








And here you have one of the many sad consequences of AAHA’s lack of accountability in their “standards” in their hospitals. This would never have happened if they put the same mandatory requirement like they do non-anesthesia dental cleanings.


These first time cat owners sought out a highly rated veterinary hospital in California because they wanted the best care for their cats. They chose this AAHA hospital.

The veterinarian who owns this AAHA hospital and this AVMA/AAFP vet, who did these declaws talked the first time cat owners OUT of using soft paws and told them declawing is a “standard and common” procedure and their cats would be fine.   Eight months later, all of these cats have lost most or all of their paws from complications and are going through a living nightmare of pain and suffering.

Victim Weber Collage


Here is the AAHA revised position statement on declawing from their website-


AAHA PositionDeclawing

Declaw Cone of Shame

Declaw Cone of Shame



Today is Flashback Friday and I’m in quite a reflective mood. That’s me in the middle with the cone of shame on. It’s from my overnight stay at the Emergency Veterinary Hospital when I came down with that scary vestibular disease. The vets and staff were all so caring and nice to me.

But I have to admit. I was scared.  Very scared.      (They don’t declaw at the practice I went to)

I want to tell you what I thought about all night with that cone of shame on.

I thought about all the declawed cats in North America who are put in the carriers and are taken to their vets by their owners. They trusted them that it would just be another one of those visits where they might get one of those stinging shots or nasty tasting pills.

But little did they know what they were in for. A nightmare of pain and suffering, beyond what any cat or kitten could ever imagine.

First the iv with all the sedatives and then the mutilating surgery. Most cats will have their toes amputated with the guillotine blade to chop the bone off their paws. Others have it horrifically done with a razor sharp scalpel. Others will have their toe bones burned off with those vet’s $45,000 laser machines that lately they are so proud of. (Declawing is the number one procedure that is done with a laser in vet clinics and they need to do an awful lot of them to pay back that laser bill)

As I laid there in that cage, I just thought of how those poor kitties must feel all drugged up when they awaken to the realization that the essence of what makes them a cat, are gone. Their paws are destroyed. Not only the pain and shock they must feel but the true terror of what their owner, who they so trusted,  had done to them.

Friends, this disabling, inhumane, and very unnecessary torture is done in the hands of a “doctors” who have years of veterinary schooling on how to heal and help animals and who took a vow to “First do no harm.”

So here I am to ask you to please send this note out to your personal vet. See if they will stop declawing and be a part of the solution to help end it. Note to Your Vet

If all of you send this note out, most likely your vets will at least pause and realize how many clients are concerned about this. Just think, maybe even if one stops declawing, how many kitties will be saved from being hurt and harmed.

Also please reach out to any well known veterinarians that you respect and ask them if they will use their fame and platform to at least spread awareness about this issue, for the bill in NY to ban declawing, or just teach cat owners about the ways that cats can use the humane alternatives like scratchers and deterrents.

Please always be respectful and nice and remember some may not always take it well since they seem to be so sensitive about this issue and know how to twist things around and play the victim.

In November of last year,  I respectfully reached out to 3 famous veterinarians asking for their help with raising awareness and tried to inspire them to be heroes and help save cats from this inhumane thing…I saw 3 very different outcomes.

One semi-famous vet wrote a piece called, “I’m being cyber-bullied.

Another, Dr Marty Becker, wrote an amazing story that helped save so many cats from this inhumane thing and he even posted the link to the bill in NY on his fb page post. Marty Becker Story

And the 3rd just never returned my email.

So perspective is everything and the ones who are truly against declawing will help us in their unique ways.  The others will wait it out and once public opinion on this cruel procedure is at an all time high and they don’t want to be left standing there looking bad, they will say they are against it and always were.

Well, we know the truth.

I can’t wait to hear how your own vets responded to your inspiring note to become a humane vet who completely honors their oath to heal and help animals.

Thankfully, I’m getting better from this terrible vestibular disease and am almost back to normal.  As we all know, all the declawed cats will never be anywhere back to “normal” as so many of their owners seem to sadly think they will be.

I’m doing the best I can

I’m doing the best I can

My friends.  I want to let you all know how much I appreciate you. You all are family to me.
 I also want to say I apologize if I haven’t answered your emails or if I’ve forgotten to post the stories you sent me. Please send me a reminder as I am always more than happy to try to get in your story that will help spread awareness and educate people about our important cause to end declawing. 
I have those new columns, CATurday’s heroes, for people in the veterinary field who are helping to end declawing, and then Sunday’s Supporters and Spokescats.
Those of you who are working to help end this cruel thing they call declawing, are truly my heroes. If you save one kitty from it or hundreds, you have done something worthy and very special.
I know there are times when you may disagree with the way that I’m going about this important cause but trust me, there is a rhyme and a reason to all of it and it IS working.
It is a huge balancing act I walk these days with educating people, shining light on unethical things, spreading awareness, and posting happy and fun photos. It takes more than a kitty village to cover all the issues but I’m really trying my best.
I know that this cause is heartbreaking and it can really take it out of you at times. I’m one to know this, but we mustn’t give up.
It’s truly sad that the pro-declaw veterinarians and big veterinary associations, the ones who took a vow to help and heal animals, are the ones who are making it so difficult for us to end this disabling, cruel, and unnecessary procedure.
 I am so thankful that I have many amazing inspirational and awesome friends who give me guidance, support, and even help with gathering up information. Many of these people are in the veterinary profession and from all over the world who have years of experience to guide me through some things that I never learned in Kitten Kollege.
 These are just some of thee things that I’ve been working on and busy with these days that may keep me from answering your emails.
   The horrific story about the 3 declawed kitties 3 declawed kitties , notes from people about declawing issues,  a semi-famous vet making up a story about being cyber bullied after I reached out to him and asked him if he would help us create awareness about declawing or scratching issues, whistle blowers risking their jobs and sending me information about unethical things inside their own vet clinics about declawing,  trying to keep up with posting funny and uplifting photos on my social media pages,  declawed cats in shelters that need rescuing, cat owners sending me heartbreaking photos and stories about their declawed cats suffering and how they feel so much guilt for doing that and also are angry that their vets never told them the facts about declawing, putting together a fun story for the Feline Wellness Magazine, dealing with attacks about my mom that were sent by the AVMA to all the vet associations in America AVMA’s attacks on my mom , trying to start an exciting kickstarter for my first book so I can make it so my mom can keep working on this important cause full-time,  not to mention the worry about losing my job in December and then getting sick with that scary and disabling vestibular disease on Xmas day.
I do know what I’m up against with this cause.  It’s a lot, and sometimes I feel like walking away and being a  kitty with no worries in the world. The hardest part is seeing all the photos that people send me of their kitties whose paws were destroyed in the hands of “doctors” who know better, and who are in so much pain and suffering. I may be bad at remembering your names, but I remember the names of the kitties who have had their lives ruined, all because someone was so concerned about a piece of furniture.
Those thoughts of walking away only last a moment and I know I will stay at this until I’m sure every single kitty in North America is safe from having their toes amputated.
I believe that I was guided to my mom for a reason back in 2009, and it was for something big. I believe in destiny and I want to always use my popularity to help animals.
Thank you for joining me on this path. I truly couldn’t do it without you.
Please know that I am doing the best I can and am not purrfect.
We are all working in our own special ways to help the welfare of kitties in the world.  Own the path that you have chosen and make it amazing. Together we will all be proud that we all personally made a positive difference and were a part of these important times in cat history.
Thank you.
Dental Cleanings and Declawing Double Standards

Dental Cleanings and Declawing Double Standards

indoorcatPhoto from Instagram.



There is a post from a veterinarian on the AVMA’s facebook page that is causing a big uproar and it’s all about standards, ethics, and poor medical care. 

The topic is non-anesthesia dental cleaning.

The veterinarians who are fuming about this issue use these comments about it. And I agree with them…

Non-anesthesia dental cleaning is…A disservice to the profession and pets, horrifying, below the standard of care and potentially harmful to pets, sub-par medical practice, dangerous, an embarrassment to the profession, unethical,  practice evidence based quality medicine, practices such as these diminish the dignity of the DVM, disgraceful, ignoring the scientific evidence, code of ethics, we went to vet school we follow an Honor Code, it’s substandard companion animal veterinary care,  more harmful in all ways than beneficial.

Hmmmmm.  They could say the exact same thing about declawing but guess what, they aren’t.


As you know, I’m very curious, so I did a little detective work and found that these same veterinarians who are upset and speaking out against this, are very hypocritical and have appalling double standards.

Here’s the reason why.


Most of them declaw cats with NO counseling and are NOT following the AVMA’s last resort declawing position. This is a sad example as to how many pro-declaw vets pick and choose their standards.

Many of these upset veterinarians offer kitten declaw packages, some do 4 paw, some write about how great their lasers are for declaws in their blogs with appalling words about their laser declaws like this, “We have operated on cats as young as three months of age, and as old as 14 years, all with wonderful outcomes.”

A “wonderful outcome” in amputating CAT$ TOE$ ? In their bank accounts maybe, but never for a cat.

So they adhere to veterinary standards when it is convenient and not across the board.  They let their client’s needs (cat owners)  dictate standards and procedures. Most pro-declaw vets do NOT follow the AVMA’s last resort position on declawing.

The FACTS are that dental cleanings with anesthesia is a very common and lucrative procedure. The FACTS are that declawing is also common procedure that brings in a lot of income for many of these vets.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones as the saying goes.


Footnote- Ironically the ONLY practice that DOES follow the AVMA’s last resort position and offers counseling against declawing is this doctor they are upset about, Dr John DeJong, Chair of the AVMA Board of Directors. Thankfully, his office said that declawing should be a last resort and that you should use soft paws or find a cat behaviorist to deal with scratching issues instead of doing this “very painful and bad surgery.”  They said that declaw surgeries require heavy meds, requires the cat to be in the hospital sometimes for 4-5 days, and they often have bad behavioral issues after the declaws.

Here is the post from the AVMA’s Facebook page..



Here are some of the many comments on this post from these vets about this DENTAL procedure.  Most of these vets do not follow the AVMA’s last resort position on declawing.








Disclaimer-  This post was not done to “advocate” or support Dr. DeJong because he follows the last resort declawing position. It was to shine light on the fact that most pro-declaw veterinarians have double standards when it comes to procedures they feel are unethical and below the standard of care for veterinary medicine. Declawing is a mutilating and very harmful surgery to cats yet most pro-declaw vets are choosing to not acknowledge this fact and are declawing as a first option, with no counseling clients on the humane alternatives or how bad it is to do to a cat. Greed over the welfare of cats is why they are doing this and also it is just easier for them to acquiesce to their clients and amputate kitty’s toes and claws.



NYSVMS 2015 – “We Scored a Direct Hit”, “We Scored A Major Win For The Profession.”

NYSVMS 2015 – “We Scored a Direct Hit”, “We Scored A Major Win For The Profession.”

NYSVMS spent at least $98,000 to protect their right to be able to keep mutilating cats.

So far the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association and Alley Cat Allies, and North Shore Animal League are helping us with the support among many others. More about the NY bill and the support

Please respectfully reach out to other animal rescues and organizations in NY like the ASPCA  and ask them to please support this important bill. They say they are against declawing then you would think that if they truly care about the welfare of cats, they will be part of the solution to help end this cruel, unnecessary, and inhumane procedure.

ASPCA email and phone number- publicinformation@aspca.org or (888) 666-2279


  It’s sad to know that we live in a country where Veterinary Associations, in this noble profession that’s all about healing and helping animals, are spending so much time and money trying to keep the inhumane procedure of declawing legal.

   NYSVMS calls declawing a “medical procedure” and say that no one should be allowed to ban it. Declawing is an elective, non-therapeutic, cruel, very unnecessary, and inhumane procedure that never benefits a cat.

From a New York Daily News story in Jan 2015- “You are taking away a decision that should be made between an owner and the medical professional,” said Chris Brockett, immediate past president of the New York State Veterinary Medical Society. Brockett said Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal’s bill, if approved, would lead to more cats being abandoned by frustrated owners. “I don’t think (declawing) should be an owner’s first option, but it should be an option,” said Brockett, who operates a veterinary hospital in upstate Saratoga.  Brockett rejected the argument that the procedure is inhumane.  “Every cat I have ever owned I have declawed and there is no impact on their life expectancy,” Brockett said. “There is no behavior change.”

They say that if they can’t amputate kitties toes anymore it, “compromises our ability to serve our clients and potentially keep a loved member of their family in their home.”

NYSVMS JanFeb2015Newsletter

The New York State Veterinary Medical Society is spending thousands of dollars trying to kill this bill in NY that is good for cats but is bad for their vets who make a good living from declawing.

Most of the NYSVMS member veterinarians and board members declaw cats and don’t counsel clients about the humane alternatives or tell them how bad it is for a cat. Many of them make a good living amputating cat’s toes and claws. NYSVMS President’s practice and declawing  

They’ve even spent a ton of money hiring lobbyists to propagate untruths. They have spent $98,000 to protect their right to mutilate cat paws! 

   Can you imagine if they used that money for campaigns to instill a humane mindset in cat owners and help them learn about things like how to train their cats and kittens how to use scratchers.

   Or how those thousands of dollars could be used for spay/neuter programs or campaigns to help find all the declawed cats that are sitting in rescues and shelters and many are euthanized because of their litter box avoidance and biting issues.






Do they think we are stupid?

Would we be fighting this hard to end declawing if declawing saved cats’ lives?

No. But since declawing is never good for cats, we fight on.

Screenshot from the Veterinary eNews May 2015   Veterinary eNews




Yep, even the new 2016 President of the NYSVMS is working hard to keep declawing of cats and devocalization of dogs legal. Why would “doctors” who took an oath to heal animals fight with all they have and pay so much money to be able to keep performing these inhumane and mutilating procedures? This might answer some of those questions. NYSVMS President and declawing

The NYSVMS rejects the facts from the human health experts from the CDC and National Institute of Health who say that declawing should NOT be done for immune compromised or people with health issues. The American Animal Hospital Assoc. (AAHA) and American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) even revised their declawing position in late 2015 to reflect these facts. Facts about Immune compromised people & declawing

The NYSVMS actually says that declawing is a controversial issue because of “graphic and shocking imagery utilized by select animal welfare groups.”

It’s not a controversial issue you unethical greedy people who went to vet school to obviously learn how to save a couch. IT’S WRONG to declaw a cat and harmful to their health and well-being!

Hmmmmm, so they don’t want you to know about or see the negative consequences that many of their vets cause by amputating cat’s toes and claws.

This sad photo was posted by a person who works INSIDE a veterinary clinic and is not part of a “select animal welfare group.”  This is happening every single day to cats to different degrees of suffering my friends.


Yes, declawing always does cause some sort of negative consequence whether it is lameness, paw amputation, or even death from horrific complications.  Cat’s need their toe bones and claws for so many aspects of their health and well being so taking them away always affects them in a negative way.

They don’t want us to shine light on the fact that MOST of their vets practice declawing as a FIRST OPTION, make great money from doing it, and don’t counsel clients on the humane alternatives.

They say that it should be an option so that cat owners don’t throw out their cats to shelters or have them euthanized.

The facts are that there are hundreds of declawed cats in shelters and rescues in New York who were cruelly thrown out by their owners after they had this inhumane procedure done to them. Many of these cats have biting and litter box avoidance issues from the declaw.If they cared about keeping cats in homes why aren’t they helping these poor declawed kitties to get out of shelters??

Go to petfinder.com and search declawed cats in NY and see all of the sad faces. Declawed Cats in Shelters/Rescues in NY  or go to this facebook page that is just dedicated to helping to find all the declawed cats in NY a new forever home Facebook Page for Declawed Cats in NY Shelters and Rescues



 Excerpt from a story in the New York Daily News, January 14, 2015 about the bill in NY to ban declawing.

“Brockett rejected the argument that the procedure is inhumane.

“Every cat I have ever owned I have declawed and there is no impact on their life expectancy,” Brockett said. “There is no behavior change.” Chris Brockett, immediate past president of the New York State Veterinary Medical Society ”




This is from the May/June issue of Connections, the NYSVMS newsletter









Here is a veterinary practice in upstate New York where they trivialize declawing so much that the vet doing the amputations throws the toe bones at the interns during the surgery.

Throwing toes1

HERE IS A VETERINARY PRACTICE IN Upstate New York that tries to trick cat owners into believing that his laser declaw is bloodless and pain free and should be part of a kittens care for a healthy life.


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