Investigative Journalism- Odin’s story

Investigative Journalism- Odin’s story

The other day I did a post asking you if your veterinarian has ever recommended declawing your cat. I wasn’t surprised to receive many notes from cat owners like with very sad stories.

Here is one of the many sad examples that I will start to post. If you have a story, please send it to


Hi City,

I hope you and your moms are doing well.

Last year Odin my cat was suffering for a legg-perthes disease (not so common in cats)

I didn’t know what it was happening to him and thought he had a sprain in his leg, so I took him to the vet.  Odin was in pain and the doctor ___ _____ who was working that day was so rude to him, instead of touching him nice, she was so rude.

I didn’t know what to do, my poor baby was upset and in pain (he always used to be so good at the vet visit, he never had any problem)

I still was thinking it was a sprain so after she examined him, she found nothing but she told me I should declaw him!

I was surprised to hear this from a vet, so I said no, that’s not right and she said, “I can do it, I did it to my cats and they are fine.”

I got upset and I told her I would never amputate my cat’s toes and cause him such pain and she said, “They don’t feel pain… it’s a surgery.”

As I left, she said there’s nothing wrong in doing a declaw.

I talked with the vet tech and he said that vet is old fashion. I told her I didn’t care and that’s not a veterinarian, You choose this career because you love animals, you should want to take care of them not hurt them.

That was the last time I went to that place, next day I contacted a new vet hospital who really took the best care ever to my Odin, more expensive though, but after what I saw it was the best decision, he got his surgery and he’s perfect now.

I attached some pics one was after his surgery 🙂

Thank you for your hard work ladies,

I hope your word spreads to the whole world, and we can help people to understand that we don’t have to change nature. Cats came this way and all beings are perfect just the way they are.

Hugs City 🙂

Isabel and Odin




 I do have some good news to report. A spot check on the phone revealed this. When you ask to get your cat declawed at this Connecticut veterinary clinic, they ask you if you’ve tried trimming the nails and said that declawing is a very painful surgery and they don’t recommend it. They say they’ve seen a lot of cats that become biters and aggressive afterwards and to do some research about the surgery. They said this “doctor”, who wanted to declaw Odin, doesn’t work there anymore and left for personal reasons.

And by the way she is a 24 yr member AVMA vet. Yep, the association that puts zero accountability in their “last resort” declawing position.

When I said that this vet recommended declawing and said these things about it, they said that they don’t believe in her opinion and she no longer works there and they don’t know if she is currently working somewhere else.


Declawing cats- Myths vs Facts

Declawing cats- Myths vs Facts

Banner Declawed Kitties2


Here are facts from top officials and veterinarians at the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association, New York State Humane Association, The Paw Project, and Ethical Veterinary, that you can use when people try to justify doing this mutilating procedure.

There is never a reason at all that declawing should be done to a cat or kitten. Period.

This information is for the bill in New York to ban declawing. Here is the link to the bill. Please add your name to the list- Bill in NY to Ban Declawing

Also a story I did about the NY bill and how the NYSVMS is trying to stop it- How the NYSVMS is trying to kill a bill that is good for cats but bad for vets who declaw cats




DECLAWING CATS: MYTH VS. FACT (Support A.1297/S.5084)

Myth: “More cats will be relinquished to shelters and euthanized if declawing is not an option.”

Fact: According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy’s Shelter Survey, destruction of household objects does not even make the top 10 list of reasons why cats are relinquished to shelters. However, house soiling does. It is the number 1 behavioral reason for giving up a cat. Why is this significant? Because behavioral studies suggest that after declawing, up to 15% of cats will develop house soiling from litter box aversion, a feline response to anxiety and/or pain.

Aside from this, studies have shown that after their claws have been removed, up to 18% of cats either start biting, bite more frequently, or bite more forcefully.

In 2006, an Animal Rescue League of Boston study reported house soiling and aggression to be the number 1 and 2 behavioral reasons why surveyed owners stated they would give up their cats. Shelter statistics and studies do not provide any evidence that declawing lowers the overall number of shelter relinquishments. However, ample statistics do show the two behaviors potentially most exacerbated by declawing are also the biggest risk factors for cat relinquishment. Needless to say, animal relinquishment wherever it occurs places financial burdens on already-strained shelters and often, the taxpayer.

(Please go to and search “declawed cats” and see how many are in shelters and rescues after they had been cruelly declawed and thrown away.)


Myth: “Immune-compromised people are more likely to contract illness if not given the option to declaw.”

Cat Scratch Fever Facts
Fact: Nearly all feline diseases that may be spread from cats to immune-compromised people are not considered communicable by scratching.

Cat Scratch Disease, the one feline disease that may be transmitted through a scratch, is caused by infected flea feces contacting any wound. Therefore, controlling fleas is the recommended and most practical means of preventing this infection.

Among many effective methods the Cornell Feline Health Center recommends to prevent zoonotic disease transmission to humans, declawing is not listed.

According to the most recent medical review (an April 2015 Canadian Medical Association Journal article entitled “Reducing the Risk of Pet-associated Zoonotic Infections”), the recommendation is: “exercise caution when playing with cats to limit scratches; keep cats’ nails short (declawing is not recommended).” The CDC, NIH, U.S. Public Health Service and Infectious Diseases Society of America have also issued a joint position paper on zoonotic disease and HIV. In it, declawing was “not advised” to prevent spread of feline disease to individuals with HIV.



Myth: “Veterinarians are trained medical professionals and possess the discretion to make the best decision. They don’t agree with declawing bans and should not be told what to do.”


Fact: In 28 countries and multiple U.S. cities, declawing is recognized as an illegal act of animal cruelty.

Elsewhere in the U.S., it is a highly controversial procedure not fully condoned by any veterinary medical association. In 2013, American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) committee members unanimously “condemned” the same declawing procedure being performed on wild or exotic cats of any size, due to adverse health effects.

The AVMA and NYSVMS continue to refer to declawing of domestic cats as a “last-resort” procedure, but simultaneously the AVMA itself states that at last estimate, a whopping 14.4 million (24.4%) of U.S. domestic cats were declawed. More current estimates suggest a possibility of 22 million. With basic client education and so many sensible alternatives to declawing at our disposal, 24.4% underscores that “last-resort” is not the reality.

Many practicing veterinarians across the state, including NYSVMS members, have expressed disagreement with the NYSVMS decision to oppose the declaw ban.

A multitude of veterinarians refuse to perform this procedure on ethical grounds, citing that it is an invasive convenience surgery with no medical benefit.

The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association is opposed to the procedure, and it was U.S. veterinarians who spearheaded banning declawing in those cities where it is now illegal. The Paw Project, a veterinarian-founded, widely supported agency that educates on the negative effects of declawing, has veterinarian leadership across the U.S.



Myth: “Since so many cats ‘seem fine’ after declawing, the extent of opposition to declawing must be unwarranted.”

Fact: A calculation based on the aforementioned studies suggests that as many as 2.1 to 3 million cats in the U.S. develop litter box aversion after declawing, and as many as 2.8 to 4 million may have increased biting.

Anxiety and pain are major causes of these behavioral abnormalities in cats. Medically untrained cat owners are unable to make diagnoses, especially those that involve subtle or highly insidious clinical signs.

It is also crucial to note that cats have evolved as a particularly stoic species and are known to withhold demonstrative behaviors, even during severe illness.

As just one of many examples, cats with Grade IV dental disease (the most advanced level of tooth decay and dental infection) often do not appear to their owners to act or even eat differently despite a serious medical problem.


Myth: “Even though conventional declawing seems outdated and cruel, laser surgery does not have the negative effects and has brought the procedure into the 21st century.”

Fact: Even in instances where a laser may reduce bleeding and swelling, this applies only to the intraoperative and immediate postoperative periods.

Regardless of the implement used, the anesthetic risk and long-term health and behavioral risks of declawing remain.

Laser declawing, like conventional declawing, still involves at least 10 separate and painful amputations – each of the last bones in a cat’s toes.


Myth: “State and national veterinary associations do not support the declawing ban, so they must have scientific evidence shaping their opinion.”


Fact: Certain adverse effects of declawing are widely reported anecdotal observations in the veterinary field, and numerous well-known studies have documented post-declawing complications in significant numbers of cats.

Despite this, wording of the AVMA position statement has given distinctly misleading impressions to many, including that “controlled studies” have failed to show behavioral abnormalities after declawing. It is not clearly stated that this is because no controlled studies specifically examining the behavioral effects of declawing have been published.

In various other modes of scientific research, cats across multiple studies were found to display both physical and behavioral complications, even up to years later.

Despite decades of pressure and controversy, and millions of patients in jeopardy, the veterinary profession still has not provided any strong evidence-based justification for performing this procedure.

This information is from:

Brian Shapiro, New York State Director, The Humane Society of the United States:
Holly Cheever, DVM, Leadership Council, Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association and Vice President,
New York State Humane Association
S. Whittred, DVM and Allan Simon, DVM, NY Co-Directors, The Paw Project
Eileen Jefferson, DVM, Owner/Founder, Ethical Veterinary


Please send this note to your veterinarian along with these facts and ask them to stop performing this inhumane procedure and be on the right side of cat history to help end declawing. Ask them to be part of the solution to end it and stop making these weak excuses. Note to your vet


Dear Grumpy Cat

Dear Grumpy Cat

I’m writing you today from my heart Grumpy Cat. I hope you will help us save kitties from this senseless, cruel, and inhumane thing.

Grumy sad We really need your help.

It would only take about 5 minutes of your mom’s time to help save an entire generation of cats from something so cruel and unimaginable.  Something very horrific that is done to cats and it is already banned in most of the rest of the world because of how inhumane it is.

Grumpy we’ve been friends for quite awhile.  We used to work together doing fun influencer posts for a cool cat food company.  The times I loved the most were doing posts that would help feed hungry shelter cats. It made me feel good that I had a job and also was being a part of something special for homeless cats in shelters. I miss those times with you but I’m glad you are still their number one Spokescat.


I have fond memories of when I was personally invited to your 2nd birthday party back in NY in 2014.  Since I don’t travel well, I sent my mom. She was so happy and honored to be there representing me.

Grumpy suitcase

She had an amazing time and your nice uncle even said she could hold you. She said she was a little nervous because you seemed so little and fragile.  GrumpyCatParty

We spent many fun and special times together.

Hours and hours sitting by the window talking about the birds, the bees and life and things that only us cats understand.

Grumpy cube

The times I shared my cat trees with you even though the space was limited. I know you were grateful for that.

Grumy look


I remember those challenging times that I tried to teach you some of my cat wisdom but your attention span was quite short and you got even grumpier.  

You couldn’t even see over the desk so I used some Paw Project movies to make you taller. Teachers have such an important job and I respected them even more after that day!



I have fond memories of the times that I helped promote your projects and I tried my best to put on my grumpiest face to show my support.


I remember that day when I tried my best to cheer you up but it didn’t seem to work.

Grumpy Face closeup

 I remember feeling so proud of you because you were popping up everywhere… on tv, in the movies, and in the most coolest places with all the biggest companies in the world.  Your fame was bigger than any cat could ever imagine.

Your reach was far and you had a stage and platform that could wield such power of influence in every way. I wished and wished every day and night that I had that big of a reach, only so that I could use it help end this inhumane thing.

Grumpy Mac

Recently, in December when I was canned from my job and then came down with that scary and disabling vestibular disease on Christmas day, you were there to comfort me.

You spooned me when I was sad and scared. You stayed awake all night long to make sure I was ok, when my mom went to sleep.

Grumpy spooned


Grumpy spooned awake

And you told me to put my paw on your heart and believe that I would someday get better. (You weren’t afraid of my claws either)  You were right. Thankfully, I got better.

Grumpy sick

I told you all my deepest, darkest secrets.secret_

Now I am asking you for help.

You have done so much for your mom. You helped her from being a struggling single mom who was working all the time as a waitress at a Red Lobster, to this glamorous and wealthy life. I would bet that she would return the favor if you somehow could ask her to.

We all know that claws and toes are important for all cats to have. They play a huge part of our lives and are the essence of what makes us cats. They are very important for so many aspects of our health and well-being.

You thankfully still have yours, so you should know.

But sadly Grumpy cat, so many kitties are having them cruelly taken away in the most painful, inhumane and cruel procedure known in veterinary medicine. And mostly all for a piece of furniture.

Please ask your mom if she would help us and raise awareness about something that has been done to 22 million cats and kittens in America and Canada. Something that is so horrific and painful, that cats are maimed, disabled, and even die from it.

Something that is taken so lightly by many “doctors” that they post coupons for it, they promote it, they lie about how safe and ok it is to their cat clients, they make a ton of $$$ from doing it, and they even trivialize and make fun of it.TCAP HSUSDeclawSpecialParksideFlorida





ALDENVET COLLAGEParksideDeclawSpecialclaw

And they even are doing it in YOUR name, to cats that look like you.




So Grumpy Cat, if somehow you can show this to your mom and ask her to just do ONE tweet or one post about this injustice that is being done to our fellow kitty’s, your legacy would be even more awesome because you would be saving so many kitties from such unnecessary pain and suffering.

There are so many other kitties who have helped us to raise awareness with this important cause. Some of them you know and even work with.  Nala Cat, Lil Bub, Didga the skateboarding cat, Venus the two faced cat, Oskar and Klaus, Cole and Marmalade, Porkchop, Oreo cat, Professor Pouncey, and I Am The Great Went are some of them who have helped to raise awareness and have saved so many kitties.

I will tell you from the bottom of my heart that my mom and I wake up and work on this cause  for 16 hr days, 7 days a week as volunteers. We’ve been doing this for the last 2 years and it is the most fulfilling thing that we both have ever done because we know we are saving cats and kittens from a lifetime of pain and suffering. (And she had an award winning career as a staff photographer at the Latimes for 25 yrs but she says this is even just as fulfilling if not more)

I gave up many special and fun projects that I was working on because I knew so many kitties needed help. I gave up chasing the fame and fortune because I saw so much suffering in so many helpless kitties who didn’t deserve such a cruel and inhumane fate. I’ve risked losing endorsements and work. You are so established that you don’t have to worry about losing your full-time job as the face of the cat food company. They would never let you go for just one tweet or one post to educate and create awareness for this terrible injustice.

I’ve even risked the welfare of me and my families lives.

 I hope your mom listens to your heart and does this one very important favor for you.

You have a huge voice Grumpy Cat and a stage with millions of eyes on you. You can use it to help those with no voice who desperately need our help. And deserve it.

This is a shining moment to help your fellow cats and felinekind in a way that is bigger than you have ever done. If you do help, you will be remembered for more than your fame and fortune. You will be remembered for something so noble and so compassionate.You will be remembered as being a true advocate for cats and for speaking out when it was a risky yet so important message to get out.

One tweet.

One post.

A few words from you that would be heard ’round the world and truly save so many of our friends. You would be a true cat hero to millions of us for doing this.

This can’t keep happening Grumpy!! Not on our watch.


The bill in NY was recently stopped by the evil forces and leaders with the veterinary associations under the guise of wanting to keep their “medical procedures” but it’s all about those green things and their egos and power.  They don’t want to lose that income from inhumanely amputating kitties toe bones and claws.
But there is a bill in NJ that was introduced to ban declawing in that state so let’s hope the veterinary leaders in that state will be moral, ethical, and help us pass this important Cat Protection Bill.

I hope your mom wakes up and realizes that you came into her life for a good reason and it could be to help save lots of kitties from being tortured and harmed even if it means doing just one single post.




City the Kitty

Banner Declawed Kitties

And if you need to read more it is on my blog at

Here is a very sad story that should be known to the world but sadly these 3 kitties are suffering in silence 3 Once Perfect Kitties Story

CATurday Heroes- I’m proud to say I no longer declaw

CATurday Heroes- I’m proud to say I no longer declaw

I’m so excited to introduce another veterinarian who is honoring the oath she took to just help and heal animals. Here is the note I received from her. Please give them lots of cyber-love on their facebook page for being true advocate for animals and thinking of the animal’s needs first and foremost!   Tri County Animal Hospital Facebook Page

Dear City,

     I’m a veterinarian in Alliance, Ohio and I used to declaw cats. I was convinced it was better than the cats being turned over to a shelter. That is what we are taught in school. Then I researched, talked to my techs, and changed my ways.

 I’m proud to say I no longer declaw. It really feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. If you think about it, it directly conflicts with our oath to do no harm.

    Of course, it’s always easier to do what the client wants and that is part of practicing.  We make recommendations based on the pet’s needs and decide with the owner how to proceed.

Declawing is not something that NEEDS to be done, and let’s face it, it’s harmful!  It is cutting off the tips of their toes!  Sure, we give them a lot of pain meds, but it has to still hurt.  A lot.  Don’t even get me started on the bandages.  Cats hate them.  It got to the point where it seemed like no matter how I placed the pressure bandages, they always flung them off and made their kennel look like a murder scene.

 The complications from the procedure are numerous.  Most commonly, chronic limping, increases in biting, and litter box aversion.

 As it turns out, that last one is now the most common reason that cats get turned over to a shelter.  Their toes can remain sensitive for the rest of their lives, making using a litter box painful. 

     So, we now focus on education.  One of my technicians made an awesome handout about why declawing is bad and we also started offering Soft Paw applications.  We also teach our clients how to trim their cat’s nails and train them to use their nails appropriately.  I don’t do ear cropping or tail docking, so why do this? This procedure is illegal in all of Europe, so why do we still do it?  I know it’s not the “popular decision” here, but I got into this profession to be an advocate for animals.  It’s our job to speak for them since they can’t speak for themselves.  Yes, we want to make the clients happy too, but the pets should always come first. 

Dianna L. Funk, DVM
Owner of Tri County Animal Hospital
My Diamond Studded Girl Needs a Home

My Diamond Studded Girl Needs a Home

This is a short story about a beautiful little black kitty with a diamond studded collar, that came into my life.

I hope this story will have a happy ending.


She had no tags, no microchip, and no name.

She appeared one day and kept coming back.

My mom made flyers and posted missing kitty photos of her on two neighborhood facebook pages. No one seemed to be missing this elegant and loving little kitty who has the most stunning yellow eyes that will melt your heart.

I’ve heard all sorts of bad stories of people up and leaving their cats, but really, how could someone leave this precious little one behind  to fend for herself. How could someone not be looking for her and be heartbroken that she’s gone.


Her beginnings are unknown but I am sure that she once had a home.

That’s all she’s wants to do is come inside with me.

She’s there in the morning, she’s there in the day, and she’s there at the wee hours of the night.

Meowing at the door to come in.  But we can’t have anymore animals,  so she’s just been our adopted outside kitty.

I talk to her everyday and give her all my wisdom. And she tells me all about how she wishes she had a home again.









My mom gives her dry food in the mornings and a hearty plate of wet food for dinner. Turkey with gravy is her favorite.  She’s always grateful and rubs up against my mom’s legs and really purrs when her chin is rubbed. She is truly the nicest and friendliest kitty we’ve ever met.

As the months went by and she was out in the elements, the diamond studded collar aged and was left behind, just like the kitty that was wearing it.

One thing I know about her is that she loves to roll around on the ground. So I called her Rollo.

She rolls in grass. She rolls on the roof. She rolls in nip, lots and lots of nip! She rolls and rolls.  Rollo

She’s been rolling around outside my house for 5 long months.


Through the rain, the cold, the winds, and the dangerous coyotes in the neighborhood.

We bought her one of those heated cat houses but it just doesn’t seem a good fit for a girl like her to be relegated to that kind of life. RolloHouse

She tries to flirt with me with her charming ways.  I’ll admit I have a big crush on her…that’s an understatement.

But I will be honest with you, my heart just breaks to see her just sitting there all the time, looking in. Her pleas are conveyed through the sweetest meows… longing to be part of “the good indoor life.”


I know she came here for a reason but now I know that it’s time for her to find a safe place in a loving, forever home.

I taught her all I know and she’s shared her secrets and her respected advice with me.  I am forever grateful and a better kitty for that.

She is my top confidant for my cause and regularly calls top level meetings with Gray the stray (left)  and my Chief of Quacks to discuss important matters.


We have late night strategy meetings that are so secret that we always have to keep looking over our shoulders in case there are spies trying to listen in.

night talk

She lifted my spirits with her silliness, flexing her impressive claws on the screen, during those hard times when I lost my job.


She makes me laugh with her graceful gymnastic moves. show-2As much as I enjoy her friendship, her amusing and entertaining company, I know that she would be safer and happier being an indoor kitty.

She’s a princess and we know how they should and need to live. Pampered in comfort and style.

So here is where you come in. If you are seriously interested in my special and sweet little Rollo and you promise to give her more love than a kitty deserves, I will let her go.

She’s captured a piece of my heart but I know she deserves more.

GOOD NEWS! Rollo will be taken in by Milo’s Sanctuary, Inc. they will be arranging transport this week to have her taken to their veterinarians for a full check up, blood test, vaccinations, deworming, defleaing, and microchipped.

Once that is done she will be ready for her forever home! If you’re interested in adopting this beautiful girl please email them directly at or contact them through their Facebook Page at Milos Sanctuary


Thank you for listening. And if she does have a home I will always need to have you give me regular updates and photos so I can feel reassured that my diamond studded girl that I love is ok and living the life she so deserves.



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