Alley Cat Allies Uses Their Voice to Protect Cats

Alley Cat Allies Uses Their Voice to Protect Cats

Alley CatI’m so excited because my friends at Alley Cat Allies just sent me their letters of support for the bill in NY that would BAN the inhumane procedure of amputating cat’s toes and claws, called declawing.

Alley Cat Allies is using their voice to be part of the solution to help end this cruel torture and unnecessary amputations that is done to 25-40% of cats in America. That’s around 2 million cats a year who are sentenced to this evil and horrific procedure. They are doing the right thing.

Please give them a big thank you on their facebook page Alley Cat Allies FB page and social media and send them donations! Remember Rhoda Hogan? Some of her bequest money is even being used to help cats in so many ways at Alley Cat Allies. Mrs Hogan wanted her money to help save cats and she wanted to end declawing and give it to organizations that support legislation to end declawing. I’m sure if she was still with us she would be so very proud of Alley Cat Allies! <3

Here is the very sad Rhoda Hogan story about her bequest to Cornell, if you haven’t read it. Mrs Hogan is my hero and I won’t give up on trying to help her Rhoda Hogan’s Story

Here is Alley Cat Allies Call to Action too so if you live in New York, please help out ASAP! Time is running out and we must convince the legislators that this unnecessary cruelty to cats must end now! Alley Cat Allies Call to Action to protect cats in NY


Also, please send this story to Cornell Veterinary College, ASPCA ASPCA Declawing Position , and North Shore Animal League since they all are sitting on the sidelines in silence and aren’t supporting this important Cat Protection Bill. As you know the NYSVMS is working hard to stop our bill so we need ALL the support we can get and these 3 organizations that are ALL about ending animal cruelty and protecting the welfare of cats, aren’t giving their support for the bill.

Here is a story about all the shelters/rescues who ARE supporting our Cat Protection Bill Supporters for the Cat Protection Bill

Here are Alley Cat Allies letters of support for the Cat Protection Bill!

AlleyCatAlliesLetter1 AlleyCatAlliesLetter2

Let’s get this bill passed and make sure no cat or kitten has to go through this inhumane and very cruel procedure anymore! Then we can start banning it in other states!

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The Story of Floyd and his Accidental Declaw

The Story of Floyd and his Accidental Declaw


Meet Floyd, the rescue kitty.

He accidentally had his toes and claws amputated at a veterinary practice.

Floyd’s owners came home one day to find a meowing little kitty in their front yard.  They took him in to their home, with the intention of passing him on to their local non profit or local humane society with the hope he would be adopted but neither would take him.

They took Floyd in for an exam with the local vet and detailed what they wanted for him. Here is the paperwork from the exam day. Floyd Paper1


Since Floyd was their first stray and they weren’t sure of all the tests that needed to be done the veterinarian helped them with the choices.  They recommended a neuter, rabies, FVRCP,FELV, dewormer. The vet asked if they wanted Floyd declawed and the cats owners were adamant that absolutely NOT.

So they brought him home, kept him isolated over the weekend and then took him to the vet Monday morning.

The veterinary practice had a lot of people waiting and it was quite chaotic. The cat owner forgot to bring the paperwork that morning so they put another sticker on a new consent form, asked the cat owner to sign it first and then filled out the boxes while quickly asking the cat owner what she had asked for. The cat owner said NO when the receptionist asked her if she wanted a declaw but the receptionist mixed up the words declaw and dewormer and checked the DECLAW box.

So instead of getting dewormed, Floyd got declawed.

 Here is what Floyd’s owner said,
“When I got there  they made we wait a long time before asking me to come back to have a conversation. That is when they told me they “Accidentally” declawed Floyd. Their excuse was that it was such a crazy morning she couldn’t remember whether or not we wanted declawing so they went ahead and did it anyway.
It’s hard to type my initial reaction, my palm went to my mouth, my heart went into my heels and I just wanted to see my friend Floyd.
The tech apologized aggressively and I consoled as far as I could. I do realize that we all make mistakes. They “Graciously” informed me that they would not be charging me for the $200 declawing so I paid $123 for the services I actually asked for.”
 It turns out that Floyd never had a blood test to confirm if he was healthy enough for the neuter and declaw surgeries. A few days later poor Floyd was rushed to a veterinary specialty clinic. He was having congestive heart failure and his chest filled with fluid. They said he is around 4 yrs old and not 1 yr old. He had a horrible infection and was put in an oxygen cage. The vet specialists say that most likely the stress of the surgeries.
Floyd spent two days in this ER practice and was taken home yesterday. He is being closely monitored today since he’s not out of the woods yet on this horrible nightmare.



  I will post regular updates about Floyd’s story.

 Let’s try to get the bill passed in NY that would ban this common, inhumane, and mutilating surgery so that all kitties can be safe from what Floyd had to endure. His life is forever changed in a negative way all because this cruel procedure is routinely performed in around 80% of veterinary practices in America. It is just appalling and the “doctors” who declaw cats are a shame to the veterinary profession that is ALL about healing and helping animals.
Please read this story on how the NYSVMS is trying to STOP the bill in NY that would ban declawing in that state. New York veterinary leaders want to be able to keep declawing cats


Help Us Gather Evidence On a Crime Committed Against Kitties

Help Us Gather Evidence On a Crime Committed Against Kitties

God Givith copy

Help Us Gather Evidence On a Crime Committed Against Kitties So Other Kitties Won’t Have to Be Victims Too.

 I received a note from a cat owner about her cat. Here is what it said.


Dear City,

I had a vet that recommended I declaw my kitten (on all four paws.)

It was my first cat ever, and I didn’t understand what it truly was. I was told it was like getting a nail trim, and that it was a good thing. It ended up being an up-sell to another surgery. They were trying to add procedures, to get more money.

It was suggested at her first vet appointment, at 6 months old. We adopted her from the _______ Humane Society. She was 4 months old. At her first appointment at ____ Animal Hospital,  when getting her another round of shots, they recommended the declaw.

Misty was my very first cat. I had only grown up having dogs. I didn’t know anything about the declaw procedure, and took the advice of someone who I trusted.  I didn’t know not to trust him, as my family had been bringing our dogs to him for years.
After learning the truth, I was devastated that I had done that to my kitty.
It is still very upsetting to me. Even 15 years later.
Thanks for all you do.

Misty1Misty. RIP.

If any of you have had your cat declawed, especially in the last 4 years,  please send me an email to

I’m doing research to see what people are being told vs. what the truth is.

I really want to hear from cat people who were either never told exactly what declawing was or who were deceived by their “doctors” to believe that declawing was ok and not bad for your cat. Just like Misty’s mom was.
The ideal proof is the paperwork of what you signed when you brought your beloved cat in for declawing. I would like to see if there was any warning in the paperwork about this being an amputation surgery. If you don’t have the paperwork handy, please ask your vet for copies of it. You should be able to have your cat’s records! Make sure they give you the surgical consent form. It is very important that I hear from all of you who’ve had this type of situation. Please make sure you get ALL the paperwork first and attach it to the email so that I don’t get more than one email from you. The response from this request could turn out to be very overwhelming which will be a good thing.

Thank you! you and your kitties will be serving all of kittykind in an effort to make vets be honest and forthcoming about what they’re actually doing.

Make sure that you put the state that you are in on the subject line so that I can easily file all the emails. Canadian cat owners are welcome to send their emails too.
This will be good information to show legislators on how many pro-declaw veterinarians are not telling the truth to cat owners about this inhumane and mutilating procedure. Let’s get the bill in NY passed to end declawing in that state and start legislation in other states!!!
Keep fighting the good fight for all the kitties who have no voice!


Rollo Sad

Here is Misty’s paw print (with no claws) when she passed away. It makes me so sad to think about how she suffered AND how her mom will always feel so bad about what this “doctor” did to her and how he deceived her to think declawing her on all four paws was ok to do to Misty. 


The Point of the Declawing Cartoon

The Point of the Declawing Cartoon

Cartoon1(From Forbes)

My friends, many of you are writing me about this cartoon that is circulating on the internet. Just to clear up any confusion, here is the rest of the story.

I reached out to this cartoonist, Kirk Anderson, and asked him if I could get some insight from him about his cartoon.


Here is what he said, “The point of the cartoon was meant to be that no one would advocate amputating a cat’s limbs just to save furniture, but we don’t think twice about amputating their claws, and the issue is essentially the same. We’re amputating necessary body parts, just to make human lives a wee bit less troublesome.

Below is the copy I wrote to go with the cartoon (but which was not used on the website). You may be offended again by my trying to squeeze humor out of a morbid issue, but I hope you will see where I’m coming from, and what side of the issue I’m on.

It’s like cutting off dogs’ tails or debarking them. If someone doesn’t see the unnecessary cruelty in declawing, I’m presuming they’ll have no problem seeing the unnecessary cruelty of “de-limbing,” and rethink their views about declawing through a different lens. That may be a bit much to ask of a cartoon, but that’s the intent.

Kirk Anderson


WHEW, I was so relieved that he knows right from wrong and was trying to shed light on this mutilating, unnecessary, and absurdly cruel procedure.

Here is his copy that went with the cartoon but many news organizations aren’t using it, “

“If It’s Okay To Declaw Cats, What About De-limbing?
New York state is considering a ban on declawing cats. Why do we chop cats’ claws? They can be so inconvenient. Just like their genitals. So we chop them too. And then we take their children, make them dress up in a T-shirt and a hat, and wonder why cats can seem so unappreciative. 
Declawing your cat is like debarking your shrieking two-year-old. It’s like wanting a pet giraffe, but since it won’t fit in the house, you radically shorten its neck. Taking claws from a cat is like taking guns from a Texan. Outside, they’re as cute as ever, but inside, their identity has been crushed. And now, if they ever want to kill a trespasser, they’ll have to do it with their teeth. Would you do that to a Texan?
We treat cats like we treated indigenous Americans. We euthanize them when they become bothersome. We take their children, dress them up in clothes like ours, and try to get them to communicate in our language. Then we put them on display. And treat their burial mounds with equal dignity. 
In a nutshell, if you like furniture more than cats, stick with furniture. 
Kirk Anderson”

Here’s his website so you can see what a talented guy he is. (He’s not on social media)      Kirk Anderson Cartoonist Website
I also showed him this photo of Teeger, Abby and Ryder to show him why many people were confused and upset about his cartoon since this kind of thing sadly happens to cats that are declawed from complications of the bandages being too tight. 3 Kitties Collage1
Here is the full story about these poor kitties 3 Kitties story
Imagine A World Where Declawing Doesn’t Exist

Imagine A World Where Declawing Doesn’t Exist


Who knew when I was born that I would spend my life trying to undo an egregious wrong?

Who knew that when I met my mom, that we would embark on a fight that would consume our lives protecting others’ lives?
Who knew that “doctors” who took an oath to do no wrong, could be paid so little to break that oath and sell their good consciences?
Who could ever have imagined that the big animal cruelty organization (that says animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law), the prestigious NY veterinary college and Feline Health Center, and the worlds largest no-kill animal rescue, would be ALL be standing on the sideline with this NY Cat Protect Bill and watching us in this difficult fight.
Sadly, we will always remember our friends who weren’t there for us, when we needed them the most.
I do have to say, though, that this fight has been rewarding.
I am always amazed and grateful for all of you who have joined in and for your passion.

Please stay with me.

We are undoing 65 years of accepted torture, a legal procedure, that should have never been condoned.
We are pulling veterinary medicine out of its evil dark ages.
Like any great change, we have to forbear stupidity, greed and stubbornness as we tuck our heads and push through to the light.
Change will come. We will make it.

No one is as committed to declawing as we are committed to abolishing it.

 Imagine a world where the New York State Veterinary Medical Society spends $100,000 a month on PROTECTING cats instead of using that money to maintain their right to MUTILATE cats.

As I write this, 25% of American cats are getting declawed. That’s around 2 million cats a year.
What does the future hold?
Imagine a world where declawing doesn’t exist.  I do every single day.
It is possible-if we all do our little part.
City the Kitty

CALL TO ACTION! Here’s what you can do ASAP!

New Yorkers AND out of staters, PLEASE call or email to voice your SUPPORT for the bill (A1297/S5084) to ban declawing in NYS. Call Assembymember Magee at both:
Albany office = 518-455-4807
District Office = 315-361-4125
Or email him at

Sample script:
“My name is _______ and I live in __________. I am a (choose a title: practicing veterinarian/cat owner/ vet tech/ concerned citizen) from New York State and I support S.5084 (Griffo)/A.1297 (Rosenthal), which would ban the declawing of cats except in medically necessary for the cat, like a tumor in the toe. Declawing involves multiple amputations – of the last bone of each of the cat’s digits – it is surgery and not simply removing the cat’s nails. The bill is currently in the Agricultural Committee and I strongly support its passage in the 2016 legislative session. Thank you.”


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