Will The Animal Planet’s “The Vet Life” Vets Educate Instead of Amputate?

Will The Animal Planet’s “The Vet Life” Vets Educate Instead of Amputate?

I’m very surprised, disappointed, and saddened to hear that declawing is a routine procedure that is performed by the 3 veterinarians, on the popular Animal Planet TV show, The Vet Life. Their employees tell cat owners that there are no negative consequences to declawing a cat and they don’t educate cat owners about how harmful and inhumane this procedure is or counsel them about the humane alternatives like nail trims, soft paws, and sturdy scratchers. They say that cat owners can just book an appointment for the procedure.

I want to try to inspire these vets to be role models for the veterinary profession and have a humane and ethical approach to declawing. They have a national audience and it would be nice if they did a piece in the show about educating cat owners on the humane alternatives and why declawing is harmful to cats and show that they honor their oath to ease the suffering in ALL animals instead of causing it when they declaw cats.

Screenshot of a clip from the Animal Planet’s “The Vet Life” tv show in May 2017 of someone from this vet practice waving at a declawed cat.

In early May, 2017, I started receiving notes and emails from my supporters about a new tv show on the Animal Planet called, “The Vet Life.”

People were upset about a short clip on a recent episode from this tv show of someone from this vet practice, Cy Fair Animal Hospital in Cypress, Texas, waving at a declawed cat in a cage.

So I had my mom respectfully reach out to the vets from this show in an email. She asked them about the clip and how they address declawing at their practice. She asked them if they would want to join forces with us to help end this barbaric procedure in N. America? She told them they would be such a positive part of cat history by helping to end the harmful and mutilating procedure and that they would be heroes.

We waited and waited for a reply. She called three receptionists and managers in the last 3 weeks and each of them said they would pass along the email to the vets. One of the receptionists said that my mom could make an appointment for a consultation to talk about this but that the vets are very busy. She told them that we don’t live in Texas and asked if they could just take 2 minutes to give us an answer to the email.

I wasn’t able to get an answer on how Dr Blue, Dr Lavigne, and Dr Ross address declawing at their Cy Fair Animal Hospital but cat owners who called this practice found the following.

First time cat owners called to get a price for a spay/neuter and declaw for their kitten. First time cat owner asked if there is anything else they recommend to have done for their kitten. One employee at Cy Fair Animal Hospital said, “We do declaws if you like and we can do that at the same time as the spay.”

An employee said their method of declawing is with forceps, a scalpel, and sutures. They have no age limit for declaws. They charge $326-494 for a front paw declaw/neuter and all 4 paw declaw/neuter is $375-489. They use Purina’s Yesterday’s News for their declaws. (Please sign my petition to Purina to inspire them to help us educate the public about declawing with some of the millions of dollars Purina is making from declawing.) Link to the petition- http://bit.ly/PurinaPetition

Cat owner asked if a declaw was ok to do to their cat and they thought that a vet wouldn’t do anything to harm their cat. The employee agreed and said, “Oh no man.”

Cat owners asked if the vets are skilled at the declaws. One employee said, “They all are pretty good at them and they do them pretty often here.”

Another employee said that the vets do them often and sometimes up to 5 declaws a week. Another employee was asked if their vets are skilled at them and they said, “Yes, we’ve done a couple within the week.” Another employee said they do “multiple declaws and we just just had a kitty leave the other day from getting a declaw.”

Cat owners asked the employees if there are any negative, long and short term consequences to declawing. One employee said, “No, he (the cat) will be fine.”

Another employee said, “An owner will do the front paws if they are concerned about being scratched or they don’t want their furniture to be scratched.” They said that the only thing negative is that they are taking nails away from a cat that was born with them but that there are no “abnormalities” from declawing them.

Another employee said, “Some people think it’s inhumane but others like it because it doesn’t mess up their couches so it’s your preference.”

Declawing is a legal procedure in America except for 8 cities in California. These vets were on the Steve Harvey show and said they have a “passion for educating pet owners” yet none their employees educated the cat owners on the phone calls, that it was an amputation procedure or about the humane alternatives to declawing.

None of the employees said declawing can cause negative behavioral issues such as biting, aggression, and peeing out of the litter box. None of the employees talked about the humane alternatives like nail trims, sturdy scratchers, soft paws, etc.

Please help me respectfully inspire these well known vets to help us educate the public about this inhumane, mutilating, and unnecessary procedure so that we can save cats from a lifetime of pain and suffering from having their toe bones and claws amputated. Here is the email to their practice on Instagram and Facebook or here is their email- frontdesk@cyfairanimalhospital.com

Or you can reach out to the Animal Planet on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

Will you also please be a part of cat history and help me educate the public about declawing and sign my petitions. They only take around 30 seconds to sign each one. http://bit.ly/MyPetitions





I Use My Authority To Abuse And Harm Cats

I Use My Authority To Abuse And Harm Cats

“As a veterinarian what I am not thrilled with is the legislature wanting to insert itself into my professional capacity. I am the one who is the authority, I have gone through the classes, I have had the instruction, I spent eight years of my life becoming very educated about these things. I think it comes down to being involved in the details of the procedure and knowing the situation in which you apply the procedure,” says Dr Chris Brockett, 2014 President of the NYSVMS, speaking about the anti-declawing bill in NY in this news video.

Yes, when you’re in Gitmo and want to extract information or in Yakuza and you want to punish people. It doesn’t take 8 years of education to know what’s cruel and mutilating. That 8 years would have been better spent with empathy and compassion training Mr Authority on cat cruelty and abuse.

The NYSVMS is spending thousands of dollars to stop the anti-declawing bill in NY. The NYSVMS stopped the anti-declawing bill

This vet in the video who was the 2014 NYSVMS President said this in a New York Daily News story in Jan 2015,  “You are taking away a decision that should be made between an owner and the medical professional,” said Chris Brockett, immediate past president of the New York State Veterinary Medical Society. Brockett said Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal’s bill, if approved, would lead to more cats being abandoned by frustrated owners. “I don’t think (declawing) should be an owner’s first option, but it should be an option,” said Brockett, who operates a veterinary hospital in upstate Saratoga.  Brockett rejected the argument that the procedure is inhumane.  “Every cat I have ever owned I have declawed and there is no impact on their life expectancy,” Brockett said. “There is no behavior change.”

Yes, Mr Authority on cat torture and cruelty. Your cats lived many years of pain and suffering from walking on their amputations. Here is a new study that shows declawing causes pain and suffering in cats. Declawing is harmful to cats- study

Just so you can see how his practice addresses declawing here are some examples. You can make an appointment to get your cat declawed and just need an exam, $74, and blood work, $61, to make sure the cat is ok to go under anesthesia.

Cat owners asked a few employees on phone calls about getting their cats declawed. Here is what Dr Brockett’s practice told them.

Employee at Saratoga vet practice recommends to get it done with Dr Chris Brockett and says, “I know that a lot of places don’t do them around here anymore and he (Dr Brockett) is one that does so he is really good at it.”

Employee says that they use the “surgical disarticulation” method of declawing.  They say that any 4 of their doctors are good at declaws and that Dr Chris Brockett and Dr Leisa Brockett are the owners and very experienced.

Cat owner asked how many declaws they do a year and employee said, “a decent amount per year.”

Asked if their cat would be ok long term and employee said that the cat will be completely healed in 7-14 days especially if they are younger kittens. They said they don’t see many problems from the declaws except that the cat might shake its paws or maybe lick them a bit.  They send you home with Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter. Please sign my petition to Purina. They are making millions of dollars each year from declawing vets. Purina Petition

Spay/declaw package is $519.40.

Dr Chris will even declaw a 2 year old cat one employee said and the cost is $707. The employee said the declaw might take a little bit longer to heal for a 2 yr old but that the cat would be ok, and that it depends on the general health of the cat.


Please take 30 seconds and sign my petitions and the Paw Project’s petition for the bill in NY to ban declawing.






Declawing Ban Saves Cats Lives

Declawing Ban Saves Cats Lives

Here is the official letter that Brenda Barnette, General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services Department, sent to NY Rep. Linda Rosenthal, in support of the anti-declawing bill in New York A.595/S.3376.

I wish to extend my continued support for your progressive move to protect New York state cats and other animals from the inhumane practice of declawing. I do so as the General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Service Department, which operates and oversees all of the public animal shelters in the city of Los Angeles.
Los Angeles has a proud tradition of being on the forefront in the humane treatment of animals. Los Angeles has had an ordinance prohibiting declawing since November 2009 and was one of the first cities, and certainly the largest, to end this antiquated practice. I wholeheartedly support this law.
Opponents to anti-declaw legislation often speculate that there will be a deluge of cats coming into the public shelters system if legal declawing is not available. This emotional claim is not supported by the hard statistics gathered by the Los Angeles Animal Services Department, which serves a city of over 4 million people. There were 26,942 owner-surrendered cats that came into the Los Angeles shelter system in the five years before the Los Angeles declaw ban went into effect, compared to 15,276 owner-surrendered cats in the five years afterward, a reduction of 43.3%.
In addition to protecting animals from harm, our ordinance has helped foster the growing knowledge and understanding that, in addition to the grossly inhumane procedure of declawing, declawed cats often develop behaviors that make them much less desirable as pets or cripple them for life. I attribute the decrease in relinquishment, noted above, of cats to our shelters to the decrease in behavioral problems, particularly biting and litter box avoidance, that are widely recognized to be the result of declawing and that are known to be reason for cats to be surrendered to shelters. We at Los Angeles Animal Services department strongly believe that a ban on declawing saves the lives of cats.
In addition, statistics from the Los Angeles Animal Service Department indicate that there was no significant change in absolute numbers of cats adopted from our city shelters in the five years after the declaw ban as compared to five years prior to ban. Furthermore, as a ratio of cat intake, the adoption rate has gone actually increased. I can confidently state that the declaw ban did NOT have a negative effect on cat adoption in Los Angleles city shelters.
I hope your colleagues in the New York Legislature will see that this is a procedure that should no longer be performed. It is not done in many countries of the world and is no longer performed in the California cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, West Hollywood, Berkeley, Burbank, Culver City, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills.
Brenda Barnette
General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services Department

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