I Was Blocked & Silenced For Trying to Protect Cats From Having Their Toes and Claws Amputated

I Was Blocked & Silenced For Trying to Protect Cats From Having Their Toes and Claws Amputated

June 28, 2017

Over the last few years that I’ve been working on this cause to end declawing, I’ve been blocked and silenced by people and organizations for simply trying to help save kitties from having their toes and claws amputated.

I was silenced by a declawing animal rescue in Michigan. Silenced by an animal rescue

  Here are others who blocked me on Twitter and social media.

Here are the reasons I’ve been blocked by each of them.

  1. American Association of Feline Practitioners-     They don’t like that I shine light on the fact that they allow the inhumane and mutilating procedure of declawing at their “Cat Friendly” practices. Please sign my petition to AAFP. AAFP Petition City the Kitty Survey of 156 CAT FRIENDLY Practices

  2. Texas Coalition for Animal Protection- (UPDATE! DECEMBER 2017. THANKS TO OUR INSPIRING CAMPAIGN AND PETITION WITH ALL YOUR SIGNATURES, TCAP STOPPED DECLAWING IN NOVEMBER 2017) This organization that is all about protecting animals also declaws lots and lots of cats.  TCAP- Number 10 in this story

  3. Dr Andy Roark- Playing the victim and cyber-bullying card to get attention and pity. Playing the victim to get attention and pity


   4. Houston Humane Society-  They declaw cats. Houston Humane Society Declaws Cats and Kittens

5. American Animal Hospital Association- They don’t like that I shine light on the fact that they allow the inhumane and mutilating procedure of declawing at their “Standard of Excellence” hospitals.  Please sign my petition to AAHA- AAHA Petition AAHA and declawing

6. New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association- They don’t like that I shine light on the fact that they lie about how declawing is performed and other unethical ways they address declawing to try and stop the anti-declawing bill in NJ. New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association and their unethical ways with declawing

7.  American Animal Hospital Association’s Dr Heather Loenser–  Another classic case of playing the victim card.  Please sign my petition to AAHA- AAHA Petition AAHA and declawing

8. Trumann Animal Clinic- I was blocked for sharing a photo that they posted on their facebook page of two kittens with bloody paws who had just had their toes amputated the day before. The caption this vet practice wrote on the photo was, “When the two siblings were “fixed” and declawed the day before, but they don’t act like anything has happened…” It’s probably one of the worst photos I’ve ever seen that was posted by a vet practice to promote their declawing and to deceive the public to believe a lie that kittens that were just declawed don’t feel pain or suffering.   Two declawed kittens post


American Association of Furniture Protectors, The Cash Friendly Organization

American Association of Furniture Protectors, The Cash Friendly Organization

Update. On September 6, 2017 AAFP updated their declawing position statement. Here is their wishy washy, cowardly statement. They didn’t even mention how the CDC and NIH do NOT recommend declawing for human health issues. AAFP should have stopped allowing declawing at their CAT FRIENDLY practices but they care more about not losing the membership dues from their CAT FRIENDLY declawing vets like the ones below in my story.

AAFP Cat Friendly 2017 declawing position statement update


June, 2017

On June 15, 2017 an American Association of Feline Practitioners Cat Friendly Silver practice posted a video on its facebook page with this caption, “As long as you have a declaw done at a younger age they do great…Just look at little Banx, is not slowing him down!”

The facebook post was shared by other pages who care about the welfare of cats and I also shared it on my facebook pages.

Not only does this CAT FRIENDLY practice routinely perform declaws, they promote declawing on their facebook page, they had a drawing to give away a FREE declaw at a kitten adoption event, AND they have lies about declawing on their website. This is one of the lies the vet, Dr Kramer wrote in the declawing info pdf on her website, “The declaw procedure is a surgical removal of the claw. Contrary to rumors and misinformed sources, declawing is not the removal of any of the actual toe itself, just the claw.”

More about this Cat Friendly practice- More about this CAT FRIENDLY declawing practice

I thought that surely the “leaders” of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the “CAT FRIENDLY” organization, would be concerned about this type of behavior at their practices, so I sent them this email.

June 20, 2017
Dr Susan Little, Dr Elizabeth Colleran, and Dr Colleen Currigan,

Shame on all of you for allowing declawing in your Cat Friendly practices. Here is one of your tried and true. How do you all sleep at night knowing you allow this cat cruelty to be done by your “Cat Friendly” vets who lie to and deceive the public about this inhumane procedure.
When will your organization do the right thing and stop allowing this to go on? You guys could be a leader in your profession but instead you put money over the welfare of cats.
Shameful and so very wrong.

Lori Shepler and City the Kitty

Well I’m sad to say that here is the letter that the CAT FRIENDLY people sent to this practice. Not once did the AAFP person mention that it is best to tell the facts about declawing. Not once did they say that this practice shouldn’t advertise or promote declawing on their facebook page. This is beyond appalling how they play the victim when it is all the cats that are having their toes and claws unnecessarily amputated!

This letter was posted on the practice’s facebook page by the vet tech who works there.


Dear Dr. Kramer,

It has come to our attention that you are experiencing some cyberbullying on your Facebook account. There has been a high recurrence of cyberbullying especially regarding controversial topics, like declawing. We’ve noticed unfortunately, that these bullies have also targeted your clinic specifically. Online outlets provide anonymity for individuals to make accusations or allegations about their hot-button opinion topics, service or experiences with your clinic. We always monitor our social media pages closely, and this particular individual is banned from our page. We have a strict social media policy/guidelines for our page and do not tolerate any personal attacks.

To safeguard our members and their veterinary practices, the AAFP has developed a list of resources to educate members and reinforce the best practices in handling these crises.
Here are steps you can take to protect your online reputation. In addition to following the suggestions below, please let us know if you have any questions about these resources.

1. Report and Ban the Initiator
To report a person or a page on Facebook, visit the page and click on the three-dot button “[…]” beside the “Message” button, then click “Report.” Next, you can select a reason stating that the person or page is harassing you. You can then submit a report to Facebook. If Facebook believes the page is harassing, they can sanction or even remove the page from the platform. You can also hover your mouse over a comment and click on the “X” in the upper right-hand corner of the comment. Then, click on “Ban [Insert Person’s Name].” The person will now be banned from your page and will not be able to locate or comment on your page in the future. You can also report abusive behavior or block accounts on Twitter.

2. Stay Updated on Trending Topics with Google Alerts
The best way to safeguard your online reputation is to be proactive. By signing up to use Google Alerts, you will get instant notifications to your email on any keyword search you request. For example, you can add your name, practice, and any common cyber-attack topics you may have come across in the past – then add these key words to a Google Alert and be the first to know when the topic is being discussed publicly. To add a Google Alert to your email address, go to google.com/alerts and enter a search term for the topic you want to track. You can even narrow the alert to a specific source, language, and/or region. Once completed, select “Create Alert.”

3. Review AVMA Resources for Cyberbullying Victims
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has developed resources for victims of cyber bullying. For more information on preventing, monitoring, and responding to cyber bullies, read here. There are some very helpful resources such as best practices, response flowcharts, and a Cyberbullying Hotline.

If you need any further assistance, please reach out via phone or email.

Sarah Nathans
Senior Manager, Project Development
American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP)

More about this not so Cat Friendly organization here- CAT FRIENDLY practice


Yes, here is what the AAFP people call “personal attacks” on the American Association of Feline Practitioner’s facebook page that I wrote and are why I was banned from their page in 2015. #PlayTheVictim

Just to show you the twisted perspective that these kind of declawing veterinary professionals have, here is a rant by a vet tech from this practice on her own facebook page. Thanks AAFP and AAHA for being such cowards and not doing the right thing to condemn declawing!!!

And to all the declawing vets who defend declawing, here is a recent study that shows no matter how you amputate a cat’s toes and claws, it ALWAYS is harmful to a cat’s health and well-being. This study was published by AAFP- https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170523124130.htm

Here is her post about us.

“I just want to say there are some seriously messed up people in this world. Recently a radical group who is against declaws (I completely RESPECT their viewpoint on this topic) but has taken it upon themselves to seek out veterinary clinics all over the US and target and harass them. Their followers have also harassed and slandered these clinics (including PCCC). They email, FB messenger, CALL, and write posts and reviews on the clinics twitter and facebook accounts. This group share the clinics posts on their pages and further slander them there. They even stalked the PCCC page, found my ragdoll page, messaged me privately through the ragdoll page then turned around and used it to further slander PCCC on their website. They have called us money hungry, ANIMAL ABUSERS etc. I think anyone who knows me and/or the people I work with know that we are far from that. They are attacking us because we perform a procedure that is completely LEGAL and not even condemned by AAFP and AAHA. They both encourage using alternatives to declawing but never do they say that it shouldn’t be done. They say we are uneducated and not up with modern medicine, but they are the ones who truly have no idea what they are talking about. I’m not saying that there are never issues with declawing. There are bad vets out there who don’t do it right and yes they cause life-long pain and suffering for those cats – unless another vet fixes the issue (which I have witnessed personally). People want to “blanket blame” vets for what the bad ones do. NOT ALL VETS ARE HACKS! I’m not pro-declaw and I’m not anti-declaw. I have cats with claws and cats without. In both cases they are all happy with no issues that relate to being declawed. Either way, no matter what you believe, not matter what the actual issue is STOP ATTACKING INDIVIDUALS!! Say what you want about the issue itself, but don’t attack the individuals on either side of the issue. Why is this world so full of hatred? To the point that we condone and encourage hate speech and violence towards one another.
I’m fed up with this type of thinking.”

I’m sad to say that the Cat Friendly organization cares more about the welfare of their veterinarian’s pocketbooks and their pocketbooks than they do for the welfare of cats when it comes to declawing. Here are more sad examples of Cat Friendly practices. This Cat Friendly practice posted on their facebook page a photo of a dog getting a nail trim and then the next day a photo of a cat getting it’s toes burned off with their laser.

Here’s a Cat Friendly practice that promotes declaws on their facebook page.

Here is a Cat Friendly practice that promotes declawing in a video. Heartland P.C laser declaw video    HeartlandAHDeclaw


Declawing A Cat Is NOT “Cat Friendly”

Declawing A Cat Is NOT “Cat Friendly”



June 19, 2017

This American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Cat Friendly Practice, recently posted a video on facebook of a ragdoll kitten that was just declawed and said he is doing “great” after having his toes amputated. Here is a screenshot of the video that was posted on June 15, 2017.

Here is the facebook link to this video- https://www.facebook.com/PurrSonalCareCatClinic/

I’m sad to say that this is one of the many declawing vet practices that is lying to the public and deceiving cat owners about the inhumane and mutilating procedure of declawing. Here is what the vet at this Cat Friendly practice says about declawing in a declaw pdf that is available on her website. (UPDATE IN FEB. 2018. THIS INFO WAS FINALLY TAKEN OFF THIS WEBSITE)  Link to declaw pdf- Declaw PDF  

 Declaw Procedure

The declaw procedure is a surgical removal of the claw. Contrary to rumors and misinformed sources, declawing is not the removal of any of the actual toe itself, just the claw. For this procedure we anesthetize your cat using an injectable medication. Once asleep, your cat is moved to the surgical suite and hooked up to an anesthesia machine that delivers a gas anesthesia and oxygen to your cat as it breathes normally, and a tourniquet is placed on the leg to reduce the amount of bleeding during surgery. Sterilized surgical instruments are then used to perform the surgery by making an incision around the claw and through the joint space. This process is repeated on each toe of the foot. The incisions are closed with surgical glue and a bandage is placed on the foot. The entire process is repeated on the next foot (or feet if you choose to have all four feet declawed). If you have opted for the therapeutic laser treatment to reduce inflammation and pain as well as reduce the recovery time, it is done at this time. An injectable pain medication is given and your cat is then placed on a soft towel in a heated cage and closely monitored as they wake from anesthesia. If your cat is an adult at the time of the declaw surgery a 24 hour antibiotic injection is given as a precaution. The morning following the declaw procedure the bandages are removed and, if elected, another therapeutic laser treatment is done.

Following every surgical procedure the surgical instruments are washed in an antimicrobial/antiviral solution and then are wrapped in a surgical towel and sterilized in our autoclave. An autoclave is a machine that uses hot steam and pressure to completely sterilize the instruments.

Our top concern is your cat’s health and safety, and for this reason we use the safest medications, the best supplies and techniques approved and recommended by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). This is why we keep all our surgery cats overnight a minimum of one night following the procedure. This also gives us the opportunity to check the surgical incisions prior to going home to ensure there are no issues. We also want to make certain they are fully awake and eating and drinking well before we send them home. At the time of release we send home post-surgical instructions and pain medication.

This AAFP vet’s declawing information about how it is done is a lie. The facts are that a declaw procedure is a surgical removal of the last toe bone and claw on a cat’s paw. Sometimes declawing vets use a guillotine clipper and they chop part of the toe bone off but the toe bone must ALWAYS be amputated otherwise the claw will grow back!

UPDATE, Feb. 2018. Purrsonal Care Cat Clinic is no longer listed as a CAT FRIENDLY practice on catvets.org but this vet is listed as an AAFP veterinarian. This practice also offers cats and kittens for adoption when they get them in. They have an adoption section with an online form at the bottom with these questions.

Feb. 2018. When asked how much the declaw is for one of their adoptable cats, the employee on the phone said they can do either two or four paw declaw. A 4 paw declaw/neuter for a cat over 6 months is $264. They have no age limit for their declaws but said the older they are, the more complications they can have so they give antibiotics after the procedure.

This vet has posted about declawing on their facebook page throughout the years and even had contest to win a free declaw. (The person that won thankfully didn’t want a declaw)

Here are some examples.

This vet also has a “Kitten/Cat Adoption Questionnaire” on her website.

Here are some of the questions-


** Do you plan to have this cat/kitten declawed? _______


  • Do you plan to declaw the   FRONT 2   or   ALL 4?     (please select one)
  • What would you do if your cat/kitten started biting? __________________­­­­­_______________________

If NO:

  • What would you do if your cat/kitten started scratching? ____________________________________­­­__
  • Please briefly explain your reason for not declawing. _________________________________________

**Do you plan to let this kitten outside at all? ______

**Do you have children? _______ If YES, how many and what ages? _________________________________

**What would you do if your kitten/cat started urinating or defecating outside the litter-box? _______________

Link to this questionnaire- http://purrsonalcarecatclinic.net/online-forms.html

FOR FULL DISCLOSURE, I respectfully reached out to the vet tech who works at this practice and is also breeder with Macushla Ragdolls and asked her if they allow their ragdoll cats to be declawed. She said, Yes I do. My veterinarian here uses a scalpel. She’s not fond of the laser because it burns the tissue which delays healing time.

Their “About” section on facebook says, “Waterloo’s premier Ragdoll breeder. Macushla (my darling) Ragdolls breeds high-quality pet Ragdolls for the entire Midwest and beyond. Breeding since 2013.”

So then I asked her if most people get their ragdoll cats declawed, if there are any long-term negative consequences to declawing, and if her vet just removes the claw. Her response was, “The nail and the bone are​ one. That’s why cats can climb trees and rip their prey apart without losing the claw. There are only long term issues if the procedure was done incorrectly. In those instances is usually that the bone was broken due to the method the vet uses and it gets left behind. I’ve seen it done at other vet clinics where I’ve worked. I’ve been a vet tech for nearly 20 years and have seen thousands of declaws. I’ve only seen a few with issues and it was because of what I explained earlier. A successful pain free declaw is all about the surgical technique that is used and the surgical ability of the veterinarian performing it.

Then I asked if she is the actual breeder and if she works at this practice and she said, I am a Ragdoll breeder and yes I work for Purr-sonal Care Cat Clinic. As far as what the new parents of the kitties do I only know about the ones who stay local which has only been about 3. Of those 3 I believe they were all declawed.

I asked her if Dr Julie takes CE classes to get updated about the facts about declawing and also asked this, “Also you are a cat friendly American Association of feeling practitioner silver cat friendly practice. Do you believe that declawing is friendly and good for cats? Have you read the position statement from AAFP about declawing? When a customer asks for a declaw do you guys counsel them about the facts on declawing to try to talk them out of it and educate them about the simple humane and common sense alternatives like nail trims, sturdy scratching posts, and soft paws? Or do you just do the declaw, no questions asked. I see that you have a form on your website that also asks about 4 Paw declaws. How often do you do those and how much do you charge for a two paw and Paw declaw. You say that you like to do them with the spay and neuter packages so how much are those packages.

This vet tech said, “The law requires all veterinarians to have continuing education classes. I would appreciate it if you and your group would stop harassing the clinic and now me personally. Many of the things being posted have been reported to Facebook. Harassment is a crime and if it doesn’t stop then we will have no choice but to contact the authorities.

I wrote her back and said, “So reaching out to someone in a respectful conversation is now considered harassment and a crime? I am a journalist and was a journalist at the LA Times for 25 years and I do stories that have all facts in them. Your video was sent to me by other people and it was already out and shared on the Internet FYI. I can’t control what others do towards you or on your social media pages. I report the facts and that is not a crime. The actual crime is that she (the vet) is lying about this procedure to all of your clients and deceiving them that it is OK for their health and well being. I educate the public about the truth and facts about declawing.

Please sign my petition to the Cat Friendly folks to ask them to STOP allowing declawing at their Cat Friendly practices. It takes 30 seconds to sign- City the Kitty Cat Friendly Petition  

Please respectfully reach out to AAFP and ask them to not allow declawing at their Cat Friendly practices- info@catvets.com

Also, please reach out to the Better Business Bureau in this town and express your concerns that this veterinary practice is lying to the public about the facts about this inhumane, harmful, and mutilating procedure. The public should know the truth about declawing before they order this procedure to be done to their kittens or cats.  Declawing always involves removing the last toe bone or part of the last toe bone in a cat’s paw along with the claw.  Here is the link to the BBB – www.welcometoiowa.org

*** Please always remember to be respectful and try to educate your family and friends about declawing. Never threaten or be rude since it is wrong and only hurts our cause. Plus if you do, they will turn things around and play the victim and we all know the only victims are all the cats who are barbarically having their toes and claws unnecessarily amputated. Take the high road. We will win for the cats someday and declawing will be banned and all kitties will be safe and protected from this inhumane and very harmful amputation procedure.


Is This The Standard of Excellence In Veterinary Medicine? Advertising Cat Cruelty?

Is This The Standard of Excellence In Veterinary Medicine? Advertising Cat Cruelty?

This is one of the hundreds of examples that shows what’s terribly wrong with the American veterinary profession when it comes to declawing.

In June of 2017 a coupon showed up in resident’s mailboxes in the Crystal Lake area of Illinois. This coupon was from Randall Road Animal Hospital and had an offer for a 2 paw and 4 paw declaw.

Last year, in 2016, this hospital was accredited as an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) practice which means it has the highest standards of care in veterinary medicine. AAHA has a position statement on declawing that says this, “The American Animal Hospital Association strongly opposes the declawing of domestic cats and supports veterinarians’ efforts to educate cat owners and provide them with effective alternatives.” and has 900 standards of care that these hospitals must follow, but not one for declawing. They go over these vet hospitals with a fine tooth comb before they accredit them. Here is more about AAHA and their double standards AAHA double standards

Yes folks. It is all about money over the welfare of cats in America when it comes to declawing.
Organizations like AAHA care more about getting hospitals to sign up so they can make the money in accreditation and yearly fees to be an AAHA hospital. Maybe you can personally inspire AAHA with a respectful email telling them you are unhappy about all the AAHA hospitals that declaw cats and promote it, lie to cat owners about declawing, talk cat owners OUT of the humane alternatives, and harm so many cats from doing this inhumane procedure to them. Here is their email. Let me know if you get a response- aaha@aaha.org
AAHA doesn’t want to alienate their declawing vets by telling them they can’t declaw cats at their AAHA hospitals. What a hypocritical double standard don’t you think, especially since AAHA doesn’t allow non-anesthesia dentals at their hospitals.  Why won’t they do the same for declaws? Please take 30 seconds and sign my petition to AAHA to ask them to stop allowing declawing at their hospitals. Declawing is BELOW the standard of care in veterinary medicine. AAHA Petition

This AAHA hospital put out a coupon for their declaws that was mailed to homes in their area in June of 2017. This coupon was posted on facebook by concerned cat owners and I shared it along with other anti-declaw organizations and people. 

Also as of June 19, 2017 this declaw coupon was on Randall Road Animal Hospital’s website- http://randallroadanimalhospital.com/special-offers/coupons-.html

Many people wrote respectful comments on Randall Animal Hospital’s facebook page to try to educate these veterinary professionals about how declawing is inhumane and harmful to cats and expressed their displeasure about this coupon that advertises this cat cruelty.

Randall Animal Hospital issued a statement on their facebook page about this coupon.

Here it is-  ”

It has come to our attention that our coupon mailer has included a coupon for “declawing” for your pets.  We have discussed months prior to this coupon being released and came to the conclusion that it should be removed as we do not condone or recommended declawing of your pets.  We also do not perform these procedures without the pet owners having a consultation with our doctor staff so that they completely understand the implications and the surgery in detail before making any decisions to declaw your pet.  The mailer company has been contacted and the coupon is being removed from the mailer, unfortunately these coupons are printed far in advance and we cannot control the delay in the removal of said coupon.  Rest assured it has been removed. 
In summary Randall Road Animal Hospital does not promote declawing your pets.  We are an animal hospital that caters to the needs of our customers and make sure that all our clients understand any procedures that you are asking be performed on your pet.  We love your pets just as much as you do and want to make sure 100% that the right decisions are made before rushing into any surgeries ALWAYS!  We have discussed with our doctor staff over the past few months in regards to coupons and what we do and do not offer coupons for and the decision has been made to remove the coupon for declawing from our mailer.  The coupon company has been contacted and the coupon has been removed and will not be offered any longer.  Most importantly we care for your pets and love them very much.  This is what we strive for and always promote in our hospital the best health and well-being for your pets.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter and if you have any future questions please contact us via this facebook user account.
Randall Road Animal Hospital Management.

 Randall Road Animal Hospital says they don’t condone, promote, or recommend declawing. All the information below is from their website. What do you think? http://randallroadanimalhospital.net/


So please be respectful and educate the public about declawing. Don’t threaten or be mean to any of these unethical declawing vets because it’s wrong and just hurts our cause, plus they will play the victim and the only victims are all the cats that they are harming by burning, chopping, and slicing off their toe bones and claws.
You can still respectfully call them out on their lies, make them think, and try to touch their hearts to wake up them up to the cat cruelty and destruction they are causing.  As long as greed hasn’t totally caused them to lose touch with the whole reason they joined this noble profession which is to heal and ease the suffering in animals, not cause it.
Then someday they may join the growing, long list of humane and ethical doctors who are true advocates for all animals and think of the animal’s needs first over the welfare of a piece of furniture. #PawsNeedClaws

We have progress. They took the declaw coupon out of their mailer in July 2017 and took off all the declaw information from their website.

We Must Educate The Old School Veterinarians About Declawing

We Must Educate The Old School Veterinarians About Declawing

I’ve come to the conclusion that we are the ones who need to educate the old school vets about the truth and facts about declawing.

The younger vets that are deceiving cat owners about the facts about declawing, most likely know the truth but don’t want to lose the income from amputating cat toes, so they don’t tell their cat owner clients how bad declawing is for their cats.

Photos from Instagram of declawed cats posted by their owners.

Here are some of the sad examples of old school, declawing vets who just don’t seem to want to keep up on their veterinary 101 CE classes and learn the facts about how declawing is very inhumane, mutilating, and harmful for a cat’s health and well-being.

Their unethical veterinary associations are too busy using their resources and money to stop the anti-declawing legislation so that these declawing vets can still keep profiting from amputating cat’s toe bones and claws instead of helping educate these old farts about the newest declawing studies and information that show how harmful it is to a cat.

These old school declawing vets don’t counsel cat owners about the many humane alternatives and they don’t educate their clients about the awful truth about this barbaric toe amputation procedure. This is terribly wrong especially in a profession that is all about healing animals and easing their suffering.

Here is one example from a veterinary practice in Pennsylvania. These are some of the words they say on their laser declawing info on their website that one of you sent me.

 We know how you feel!!  While that little furry friend can cause great damage to your furniture, draperies, your clothes, and even your skin, you feel guilty about having kitty declawed.  We know because we hear comments all the time from concerned pet owners just like you.
Did you know… that the laser used for performing the declaw is the same one used for removing wrinkles and varicose veins from people?
Seals nerve endings…Lasers cut tissue with a beam of light, which seals the nerve ending, so there is very little pain when kitty wakes up !!
” “Consider having kitty declawed the same time as spaying or neutering.  It is not only more cost effective, but it is less stressful and healthier for kitty.

Here is the link to their laser declaw propaganda on their website. You will be SHOCKED at how they promote this mutilating procedure. Radbill Animal Hospital Laser Declaw Info  

Their website says Wanda will give you more detailed info so I had some of my investigators look into what this she says about declawing and here is the info they gathered up.

Their laser declaw is $455 and Wanda said that their vet does a lot of them, “300-400 a year.”  When the investigator posing as a first time cat owner expressed concern about a declaw since they had read information on the internet that said declawing was inhumane and bad for a cat, Wanda said to not read any of that on the internet and said that only one or two cats out of 300 might limp. She said that the cat might shake its paw or lick it and that it will have to learn to walk again but that it’s not going to change its personality or harm the cat.

One investigator asked to get a 4 year old cat declawed. Price is $450 which includes 1 night stay, antibiotics, pain meds, and Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter. Wanda told the investigator she’s been there for 14 years and has seen many done and they do , “a lot, about 3 a week.”  Cat owner asked if there are any adverse effects from the declaw and Wanda said that at first the cat needs to learn how to walk again, like a bunny, but that it’s a very safe procedure.

Purina’s Yesterday’s News Cat litter is included in the price of the declaw. Please sign my petition to inspire Purina to help us end declawing by educating the public about the facts about declawing.  Purina Petition

Here’s an old school vet in Oklahoma that declaws cats and uses NO pain meds. Declaw With No Pain Meds

Here’s a vet in Missouri that performs 4 paw declaws on the kittens that they put up for adoption. 4 Paw Declaws on Kittens


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